Friday, August 21, 2009

Yard Sale Day

Yes, here it is Yard Sale day!

It started with a bang too. I finally got to sleep at 4:45 am only to be wakened at 6 am with the question "Do you want to play with me?" I beleive the answer was "Are you nuts?" Thankfully she fell asleep during my first cup of coffee only to leave me awake. So I woke up everyone else to help drag the stuff out into the side yard. It's nice and shady there and you can see the stuff from the road too.

Get everything out and here come the dark and nasty clouds. Run into the house and find the screen house to set up to keep stuff dry. Get it all set up and start bringing it into the shelter....

It all won't fit.

Plan B turns out to be drag everything AGAIN to the garage and set it up there. Usually just the Harley is allowed in the garage so it is pretty cleared out. The Harley is at our office so "I wouldn't be tempted to go for a ride" while the man is gone. Yeah right! Hop on kids we are taking the Harley today! I wonder if his village knows where he is?

So for the third time we set everything up and it fit! Of course at this time, the skies cleared up, the rain quit and it turned nice.

Nice?! Are you freaking kidding me? It seems that is all the "rain" we are going to get for this weekend. So now we get to spend the weekend in the musty old garage. It even got a free cleaning. We did have 7 customers though. Made a whole $5.00!

And no pictures. I have yet to go to the office and get my camera that he borrowed 4 months ago and never brought back. Maybe while I am there I WILL take the kids for a spin on the Harley.

Just to show him I can....


Connie said...

That is sooooo how it is to be a mommy, sugar! And soooooo how men act! Funny reading about your experience. I found you over on Sanctuary Art blog and found your blog name intriguing. I visit different blogs I find every so often to meet new people. Perk up, chick, one day they will all be gone. Yippppeeeeeee, I loved the day the last child moved out. I knew that what was in the fridge in the morning would still be in there in the evening when I got home!


Lori said...

Vroom Vroom ~ now THAT would be a picture for sure!

Tracey said...

Yard sales are so much work. I like the getting money and getting rid of junk part, but hate the pricing and running of it. Fortunately for me, my mom likes that sort of thing and runs the whole shabang for me!

:) T

Jacqueline said...

Hi there,
Thanks so much for dropping in and leaving a comment. Of couse you can have coffee...I'm English and prefer coffee!!! Loved your post and sense of humour...just wondering what you're going to spend your $5, a porshe ...the world is your oyster !!!!! XXXX