Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

She came home today!

Isn't she beautiful?! She is all sleek and black and gorgeous! A perfect fit for this tiny eating area.

She needs a freshen up coat of paint on her top. I'm thinking I will call her Tabitha like Sam from Bewitched's daughter. She is magical. She put my husband under some crazy spell.

He likes her as much as I do...


He said I should do some distressing on her top like I did on the bench!

She does need a runner on her to protect her beautiness.

I thinks I got me a project tonight!

Also, the wallpaper for the kitchen is in flight as we speak! You know I can't keep a secret so I will be blabbing about that ALL next week!

The bestest news of all is.....

Carole had her first grandchild! She is absolutely beautiful! Such a gorgeous angel! If you too would like to drool over the precious little Malaika please visit Carole and give her best wishes. I am soooo glad that something as wonderful as greeting her first granchild into the world happened to her. I think she needed it. Congrats again Carole!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing Around

So the boredom bug struck and I started to play.

So many buttons that I haven't touched yet!

This is the new look for the blog that I have come up with. I just got so tired of seeing all the beautiful blogs out there and my blah one.

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Tisket A Tasket....

I got a picnic basket....

It has a little booboo...

But I just had to show you how cute it looks holding some of the scrapbooks now.

Some Finds That I Didn't Mess With

I found at Hobby Lobby a cute place to hang your hat or coat, whichever suits your fancy.

These little piggies I already had.....

These little piggies I found....

And weeweewee they came home with me!

Even Donny made an appearance! I don't know where he is going to go but it is the same album that I played over and over and over and over.....

He even managed to get framed!

My other treasures need a little work so you will have to wait a bit to see them!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Feel Pretty....

Oh so pretty....

I feel happy....

and snappy.....

and gay!

Everything has a place...

and a label!

Ok, so I got a little crazy with the label maker.

But so far I have one empty cupboard!

An empty cupboard?!

What will I do?

I think I need to shop.

I did find 16 boxes of assorted flavors of Jello, including lemon (?!), 3 bottles of light corn syrup, 5 bottles of BBQ sauce and 4 jars of cinnamon.

I will be putting those things on the do not buy list.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Unorganized Life

I would love to live like this....

I might even want to cook more if I could find everything readily

But alas, this is my reality.

I know that I like to cook and I do have kids. But come on do I really NEED 80 boxes of Jello and 5 different popsicle makers?

In case you are wondering I do get stuff like that for gifts.

Along with cookbooks on how to make Jello.


I know, I can make a cake from scratch but obviously I am too much of a dolt to not know how to make a simple box of Jello.

Aren't the directions on the back of the box?

Anyways, today I made a stand and reclaimed my kitchen cupboards!

I can find stuff now!

I even found 3 rolls of tinfoil and 2 different kinds of saran wrap!

I did that myself, those items were not gifts.

It's only 1 cupboard and 1 drawer but I am on a roll!

(Get it on a roll! Saran wrap?!)


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pillow Talk

Give me an E!

Give me an A!

Give me a T!

What does that spell?!

New cushions for the bench!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today I figured it would be a lazy day.

The man is gone doing a shed for a customer. I could get away with doing nothing at all!

So, I started as usual seeing what everyone else in blogland has planned today.

Then I went to Jen @ Sanctuary Arts.....

Ah crap! Today is makeover day!

Well as I was frantically trying to find something easy to makeover, anything really, I kept tripping over this....

I got it at the antique mall the other day. I plan on it going in the kitchen with my new old table.

So.... bottom's up girl!

It's green and I HATE green. Let's take a small trip down memory lane. I loved Donny Osmond when I was younger. Ok, I still like him. I finally got to paint my room any color I wanted. Purple! Donny Osmond loves purple and when he sees my purple room he will fall madly in love with me! My mom announced that she was also going to get me new carpet!

Don't get too excited, she bought green carpet! Emerald green shag carpet! Needless to say I have hated green since then.

Ok, back to 2009. Now what to do with the seat? Paint or no paint?

I went with paint.

Add a little destressing, errr I mean distressing. Hey I was painting with a 2 year old who is just potty trained and LOVES to flush stuff.

and Ta Daa!

My easy peasy I just want to be with the creative peeps on Jen's site makeover.

I promise to have something better next month.

Think it needs some pillows though.

Friday, July 24, 2009

My kitchen inspiration

I got these lil cuties when I went on the girl trip with my sister.

They are used to hold the cleaning stuff on the edge of the sink.

I think they deserve a better job though.

So now they are a big part of the inspiration for my kitchen redo. I love the color which by the way is the exact same color of my kitchen now.

I got these the other day. Seems I get jiggy lately for corbels. The color was odd though.

Okay, it's ugly. A greenish yellow color.

But 3 coats of Solaria by Sherwin Williams later and they look like this.

I think they need some distressing still but they will fit in nice.

You just have to wait to see how.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Licking does work!

So I dashed off to the antique mall today.

Dad had the kids and I ran!

Anyways I got to there to find that the table I have been drooling over was still there. I told the very nice guy working there the other day that I had licked it so no one else could get it. He gave me a very odd look. But, I did put it in layaway.

Sadly, I went back to drool some more and there were 2 ladies looking at it. The one had decided that MY TABLE would be perfect in her house! The nerve! I just smirked.

She was very heartbroken when she went up front and told the cashier that she wanted that table. I felt bad for her but happy for me. I was going to do the Snoopy dance for her but I thought in that state she might slap me.

I didn't even get a pic of it, so you will just have to wait for the kitchen reveal to see it. Seems like everything I want and take a pic of before I buy it gets sold.

(Insert a moment of silence here for my perfect Tara desk lookalike I didn't get.)

I also found a gorgeous matelasse coverlet to go on my new sleigh bed. I put it on the bottom of the pile cause I am still thinking about it. I am sure that I will go back and get it though. It has some yellowing and I need to do some research to see if I can get it out.

Maybe I will have 2 reveals next month!

I better get busy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My big girl

This is my big girl.

She informed me today that I can't call her my baby cause she no longer wears diapers.

She thinks she is really tough in her pink princess panties now.

I got to tell you that I thought she would be my thorn in my side when it came to potty training.

My first one was probably the easiest one in history to potty train. She found some horse panties and begged and pleaded for her dad to buy them. He caved. He told her that she couldn't wear them til she went potty in the potty chair. She again begged, pleaded and promised that she would.

And so far she has.

The boy I thought would be hard. I mean atleast the girl I could relate to. The only time I ever tried to pee standing up was when I was in the army. Let's just say I failed miserably. I didn't want to teach him to squat like a girl. I could see him getting teased for that. So we did it. We did have a problem though. Too short to reach the toilet and too clutzy to stand on a stool. His solution was to pee in my plants. Kinda hard when we were out in public.

But my plants never looked better.

I was fearful that I would have to go to prom with him though to wipe his butt. Thankfully he has now mastered that too.

This one decided on her own that she was ready. It's been 4 days of her wearing panties and a couple of accidents. Not all her fault though. Grandma did not know she was wearing panties and ignored the peepee dance and the screams that she had to go.

Now if I could only get the dog to stop peeing on the patio I'll be happy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My New Find

My big bad nonsmoker self bought a little something with my newfound savings.

Ta Daaa!

I found this antique sleigh bed at my fav antique store and offered a 100 beaner weaners for it. Sadly they do not accept beaner weaners so I had to fork over cash.

But only 100.00!

I think I may have kissed the lady who sold it to me as I skipped out the store.

I can skip out places now that I quit smoking.

She did keep her distance today when I went with hubby to pick it up.

And.... I got to show hubby all the treasures that I plan on going back and getting also.

He likes them too!


Monday, July 20, 2009


Yup you heard it right. I am a quitter and proud of it!

I have a secret confession. I am not perfect. Well, now I am. I used to be a smoker.

In fact, I may have even set my nose on fire too.

You would have thought not smoking in the house would get me to quit, but NOOOOOO! 10 below and a blizzard outside I'd be out on the back patio smoking.

But now I am happy that I have quit.

I can ride a bike again.

I can yell LOTS louder and longer at the kids.

I don't need to sit down on step #7 with a basket of laundry to catch my breath.

I know the look on my son's face was memorable when he tried running away from me and turned to realize I was on his heels.

I have noticed that some people shouled shower more frequently and perfume/aftershave is NOT to be used in place of deoderant.

Does mean that I will have more time to write posts.

I have also found the extra money saved is wonderful! You will have to wait my pretties to see what I got with it. It is getting picked up tomorrow!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little more

We got some more of the stringers up...

got some of the pickets painted.

Things are progressing. We had a halfway decent day to work on our project fence. I told my hubby that I am already planning on how to decorate it for Christmas. He thinks I am nuts. It is funny to see all the people slowing down to look at it though.

A few more lilies did pop up.

A pink and white tiger lily....

The tiger lilies have the spots in the throats and they have seeds at the base of the leaves before the flowers bloom.

A peach and red daylily....

A deep purple daylily that looks black....

A burgundy daylily....

And last is an unusual one. Three petals are plain and three are red with a stripe.

As you can see I am awesome at growing weeds more so than flowers. I am hoping that after the fence is done I will get a chance to redo and divide all the flowers.

I am going to have to come up with another project to post for Jen's Makeover Party on the 25th. I was hoping to do the fence.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Squirreling Away

So since these were rolling around all day and being threatening....

....we decided to go shopping!

I don't know what it is about scales lately but they are just soooo cute.

I found this beauty for my desk.

It's a postal scale. It says rates effective Jan 7, 1968. Looking for one for the kitchen also. Found them, just have yet to get one.

Look at the cute little bench!

I could not resist it. I am planning on painting it black and distressing it. The pillows are just there to see if they are the right size. I am planning on using it with the new table that I also found for the kitchen. Still have to find some chairs for the table.

I think that I have found the floor for the kitchen. Just have to have it approved now.

I also think I have found my new bed! Just have to double check the measurements to make sure it will fit my queen.