Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Long Weekend

We got back yesterday afternoon from a long weekend up at our property in Houghton Lake.

One of my husbands buddies, Kyle went with us. They trailered the Harleys so they could go on a ride.

We got there very early Friday morning and just hung out all day. We did end up having a bonfire later with some more friends that dropped by.

Kyle is quite the kid magnet. He said he wished he could get the girls to hang on him like that.

Saturday I spent the day with the kids while they rode.

We went go kart racing.....

I learned that I will not loan my car to ANY of my kids!

We also played puttputt and went to the beach.

Houghton Lake is supposedly the largest freshwater inland lake.

During winter the lake freezes over so thick that they have 2 weekends in January called Tip Up Town. The lake is covered with RV's parked all over it and snowmobiles racing around.

Just to give you an idea how cold it gets in Michigan.

We had so much fun, we went back on Sunday too.

We drove up to Traverse City to see the fireworks on the bay.

When we weren't busy, the kids occupied themselves playing board games. I chuckled at Jeffy cause he told me doing things the "old-fashioned" way was fun.

That is Jeffrey speak for no Wii or Playstation.

Lots of happy faces though!

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