Tuesday, July 7, 2009

While the cat's away...

.....the fat mouse on a decorating binge will play!

So...... let's play!

I haven't posted pics of my kitchen yet. I will when I start working on it though.


But for now.... I'm planning and scheming. I want to redo my kitchen while my husband is gone to Canada at the end of August.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of beadboard and these black countertops. I found a great tutorial that I think I can do here. I also like the look of the beadboard. I have chair rail that runs around the kitchen willy nilly already. So I don't want to replace it. Even though I would love to raise it. Also beadboard can be pricey. We want cheap.

Well look at this! Paintable beadboard wallpaper! A double roll covers 56 square feet and is only 23.00 a roll! I can do wallpaper....

I am thinking of painting it as close to the color of my oak cabinets as I can come including the baseboards. Then a very off white on top.

Then a new floor. I also like the look of cabinets with feet.

I love Jen at Sanctuary Arts shades she made. I still don't think anyone at my house would get the hint though so I am thinking of using kitchen terminology on the valances with cafe curtains made from ticking material. Still have to work on this idea.

A new old table....

...a cute little bench for the one side cause I cannot get enough of hearing "Mom! Jeffrey's on my side and touching me!"

Hmmm... never noticed that dresser before.....

Some cute chairs for the other side. Maybe even refinishing the table legs and the bench to match the chairs.

Would love to add a Hoosier cabinet

but I might have to settle on a stepback. The kitchen is reaaaaally small.

Subway tile for a backsplash

Ugh! That just makes me want to paint the cabinets and go in a whole new direction.

Of course the first thing I would have to do after painting the cabinets is find a good divorce attorney!

Or a nice cemetery.

Of course there is this....

Any suggestions?


Jen R. said...

Thanks for the linky love! :) I just bought some of that wall paper!

IsabellasCloset said...

Maggie, I love the thought of a black & white kitchen...The subway tile it great. I'm crazy about white beadboard! What about using black & white toile fabric with black & white ticking?
I received your wonderful pillow today..it's a perfect match with the tan ticking fabric I already have..
Thanks so very much!!!!
I will do a post about you, your delightful pillow & your great Etsy shop next week.
Again thanks.. you do lovely work!
Have great day ~Mary~ :-}