Friday, July 24, 2009

My kitchen inspiration

I got these lil cuties when I went on the girl trip with my sister.

They are used to hold the cleaning stuff on the edge of the sink.

I think they deserve a better job though.

So now they are a big part of the inspiration for my kitchen redo. I love the color which by the way is the exact same color of my kitchen now.

I got these the other day. Seems I get jiggy lately for corbels. The color was odd though.

Okay, it's ugly. A greenish yellow color.

But 3 coats of Solaria by Sherwin Williams later and they look like this.

I think they need some distressing still but they will fit in nice.

You just have to wait to see how.



blushing rose said...

Love the little fellas holding the kitchen together. Is it old or new & does it have a mark/stamp on it? Haven't seen one like this.
TTFN~ Marydon

The White Farmhouse said...

I beleive it is old. It is the same lemony color as the old pottery. It has no stamps or marks on it at all. Could be something someone made in pottery class. I did find some little piggie salt and pepper shakers that I will post here too. I got them at two different places, but they seem to match so I was going t o turn this into a napkin holder.