Monday, July 20, 2009


Yup you heard it right. I am a quitter and proud of it!

I have a secret confession. I am not perfect. Well, now I am. I used to be a smoker.

In fact, I may have even set my nose on fire too.

You would have thought not smoking in the house would get me to quit, but NOOOOOO! 10 below and a blizzard outside I'd be out on the back patio smoking.

But now I am happy that I have quit.

I can ride a bike again.

I can yell LOTS louder and longer at the kids.

I don't need to sit down on step #7 with a basket of laundry to catch my breath.

I know the look on my son's face was memorable when he tried running away from me and turned to realize I was on his heels.

I have noticed that some people shouled shower more frequently and perfume/aftershave is NOT to be used in place of deoderant.

Does mean that I will have more time to write posts.

I have also found the extra money saved is wonderful! You will have to wait my pretties to see what I got with it. It is getting picked up tomorrow!


carole said...

Hi Maggie:
You light up my world. You are so funny and naturally so. If you ever print out your blog postings they would make a great book. I crack up (out loud) whenever I read what you write.
Good for you for quitting smoking. You are a strong lady.
Hugs to you

blushing rose said...

Wonderful accomplishment for you! Be proud, it isn't easy to kick the 'habit'.

I went cold turkey & quit when my first g-son was born for his health needs. I have no regrets whatsoever. Love can conquer all ... TTFN ~Marydon

Anonymous said...

Congrats Maggie that is a huge accomplishment!! Can't wait to see what you bought with your savings! XO

Lori said...

Take a bow ~ congrats to you! May I ask how you did it as I haven't quite been able to master the art of quitting.....