Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing Around

So the boredom bug struck and I started to play.

So many buttons that I haven't touched yet!

This is the new look for the blog that I have come up with. I just got so tired of seeing all the beautiful blogs out there and my blah one.

What do you think?


blushing rose said...

Love the new look, truly.

Scapula, WOW! & she was blind. All the more memories to treasure. Lucky you.

TY for popping by ... have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~Marydon

Kelly said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog... you have inspired me to work on mine!!! Great work!

blondiensc said...

WOW, looks amazing~ love it Maggie, don't you love pushing buttons! :)have a great weekend!

carole said...

Hi Maggie:
You got it Girlie!!!
It is fresh with an edge. Just like you!!!
How is the fence coming?
Thank you for saying the nice things about my newly born Grand daughter : )
You have a swell day!!!

Lori said...

Love your new look ~ makes me look at mine with a new eye.....hmmmm Thanks for the inspiration!