Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Won't You Join Me?

Today, I am pampering myself with breakfast in bed of sorts. You see it was 15 years ago that I was birthing my first born child!

She has grown into a beautiful young lady!

So.... won't you join me for a little smackeral of something?

I have a tray all set to go on the bench.

I am using my Gibson china. I have had this for about 12 years now. It is a white china trimmed in gold. Just a basic set but so versatile.

A salad plate with a Pier 1 doily plate over it and topped off with a cheese dome from Princess House many many years ago. No cheese this morning though, just a big ole fat blueberry muffin! The silver is Holmes & Edwards Danish Princess.

There is nothing like the first cup of coffee made in a french press to get you moving! This french press is stainless and from the Palms collection at Home Goods.

A sinple brown ticking napkin with a jute ring embellished with vintage buttons. I made the napkins and rings last year and they are so easy to make. I have gotten quite the use out of them too! I used a vintage serving platter that I won in a giveaway from Kim at Daisy Cottage a year ago.

I am so glad that we could spend this time together! I just love visiting with all of you! I hope your day is filled with love and happiness!


Monday, March 28, 2011

What Inspired Me

I have been trying to get the house organized and cleaned up. Every morning, I get up, drink a post of coffee and try to get inspired. Everywhere I look though there is another pile of stuff to be sorted and put away. It starts when I get up.

We changed rooms around a bit. We had the "master" bedroom, the largest bedroom in the house. Since we really don't spend alot of time in our room, we moved the two girls into it. We moved the boy into the girls old room so all the kids were upstairs. Our new room is the boys old room.

I never finished it though. I didn't move all the stuff from the closets to the right rooms. Needless to say, the room just got out of control. Clothes that should of been hanging in the closet were just on top of whatever furniture was available. The bed didn't get put back together since we weren't sure where in the room we wanted to put it. Nothing was set up right. We woke up to climbing over each other to get out of bed and walking over clothes and stuff.

Blah! I kept dreaming of how the room could look. The bed put back together.

Lots of pillows to sit in bed and read if you want to.

Even the bedskirt to hide junk that is stashed under the bed.

I want my curtains that I made to match the bedskirt back up. I love that the valance mimics the box pleats on the skirt.

I want room to put my bench back in here. Not at the foot of the bed, it wouldn't fit. Maybe under a window. Just another place to curl up on and think.

Maybe even think up a spot to put the plates that Jeff got me when we were first married.

The only "kids" in here among all the white is the kids pictures. No messy hands! Just peace and quiet.

The closets clean and organized. Everything hanging where it should be.

Not alot of furniture either. I could put all my stuff in the closet and a small dresser for Jeff's stuff that could also double as a nightstand.

A small table for the other side.

Not alot of stuff on the top of them either. Just little knicknacks that remind me of dear friends.

You know, just the essentials.

Some plants around the room too. Maybe even an orchid....

Just a little bit of contrasting color to break up some of the whites and neutrals.

Now that would get me motivated to do more each day. Just to have one place in the house that is organized, clean and almost complete. Just a few little tweaks are needed.


So What Is In The Peat Pot?!

Remember the cutesy peat pot in the giveaway surprise box?


Theresa posted in the comments that I needed to open it up!

Yes, there was something else in it!

Is this woman crazy? Is there no end to her generosity?

So, carefully I opened it.

Know what I found?!

Isn't it beautiful? She also makes and sells these charms in her Etsy shops (she has 2!) here and here!

I have already hinted (who am I kidding I don't hint I tell) to my hubby that I need a long silver chain for it!

Again, Theresa, thank you sooooo much! I just love everything!

For right now, I am toddling off with the bitty one to the Rainforest Cafe with her preschool class for a class trip! I will be back though! I have to show you something that has inspired me to get off my duff and get some stuff done!

Hmmm.... what could that crazy lady be up to now?

Guess you need to come back and find out!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

You've Got Mail!

Yesterday was a fun day.

Kids sick at home. The bitty one kept on puking on me. In fact, she had been doing that little trick since 4 am. Why is it that when someone is going to throw up they aim for me? When did I become the human toilet bowl? I swore that if one more person upchucked on me I was going to return the favor!

In the midst of all this fun, there was a knock at the door.

Really?! Seriously?! Of course I had to race the 120 lb horse to the door. I don't know why she runs to the door so ferociouslike. All you see are legs and ears flopping all over. As soon as she sees it is someone she doesn't know she slinks chicken like back to her bed. Thanks for having my back there Sheba! Goobernut....

Today, it was the mail lady. Big huge happy smile on her face too. I was so not in the mood for chipper people.

"You've got a package!"

It takes approximately 3 seconds for a 48 year old woman to turn into a 3 year old. Did you know that? Yup, it does. There I was clapping my hands and jumping up and down in my stinky, vomity jammies.


After the last 24 hours, I woulda been excited about a package from the Unibomber! But this was from my delightful and talented friend Theresa @ 612 Riverside! See, she had a birthday and decided to share the wealth and have a giveaway! Yeah for me! I won it! Now here it was!

First was a very sweet note! I just love her! We are going to be best buddies and go saleing this summer! *squeal* I love the saying on this note. "I am only as strong as the coffee I drink & the hairspray I use!"

Everything was wrapped so pretty in this soft purple crepe paper! Each had a little Easter stick sign that I plan on using during the Easter season!

First, was this big burlap rose! I am planning on making some springy type pillows here really soon and this is definitely going to be on one of them!

I think this package she included for the kids. C'mon Theresa! Did you really expect me to hand over perfectly good peeps and jelly beans to them? Just kidding. I reluctantly did. The bitty one said, with a mouth ful of peeps, "I like your friend Mommy!" I was hoping all day they wouldn't make a reappearance and they didn't! Imagine that. She couldn't keep down food or Tylenol but she sure can hang onto a peep and jelly beans!

Next was this sweet little pot! It is filled with a pretty blue and white hankerchief, tied with a white ribbon and topped off with a vintage earring! Isn't it cute? I know just where this is going too!

Next was this cute little frog. I just love these things! I already have a couple on my desk and this one is joining them!

She even tucked in these sweet little notecards too! One is written from a grandma to her granddaughter for Easter. It is in the frog on my desk now. I just love looking at it.

There was also this great purse that she made too! I love it! I have to take the bitty one on a field trip on Monday and darn tooting that I am going to be sporting this! I love the long strap and the size. I usually carry a small piece of luggage and pass it off as a purse. I have been wanting a cute little one like this for a long time though. This is perfect!

This beautiful flower was also in the package. Theresa handcrafts these also and they are available in her Etsy store! It is so soft and suedy feeling that I could just snuggle up to it. I have a little something planned for it though!

And how cute did she package the purse! She wrapped it in a vintage dresser scarf and pinned with an "M" broach! The big girl wants to lay claim on the dresser scarf since it is purple, but so far I have held her off!

So there it is in all it's glory! My wonderful surprise that totally made a literally pukey day into a day in paradise! Thank you so much Theresa! You are just way too generous!

If you would like to get a chance to get your very own little surprise package in the mail, the ever lovely Misha @ From My Front Porch In The Mountains is having a giveaway as we speak!

Go visit her to get a chance to win this and some other goodies that she is adding to it! Tell her Maggie sent ya and you will get a good seat! Bwahahaha!

Next week is Organization Week at the White Farmhouse! I have something that inspired me to get off my duff and "get 'er dun" that I will share, a little project, a little food, and even a little something that might qualify as a tablescape! I am even throwing in a DIY project too! The week starts on Monday, so until then....


Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet and Lemony

I love lemons! If it is lemon flavored I am so there. I cannot resist it.

Cover it in chocolate?!


When Jacqueline @ Purple Chocolat Home posted the recipe for these Lemon Shortbread Truffles I just knew I had to make them!

And steal her picture! Hers are way more pretty than mine! I think I was just in too much of a hurry to pop one in my mouth to think about how they looked!

I'm not even going to post her recipe here. If you click here you will be whisked through blogland to her beautiful blog and wonderful recipe!

I am going to take the time to share something wonderful with all of you though! A super easy, smooth, lemony lemon curd recipe! You will need 1/2 cup of lemon curd to make Jacqueline's yummy treats!

Lemon Curd
6 Tablespoons butter at room temp
1 cup sugar
2 large eggs
2 large egg yolks
2/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 teaspoon lemon zest

With an electric mixer, cream butter and sugar together. Add eggs and egg yolks one at a time. Mix for 1 minute.

Add lemon juice. Mixture will look "curdled". Put mixture in a saucepan and over low heat heat until melted.

Raise heat to medium and stirring constantly, heat until thickened. DO NOT LET MIXTURE BOIL! To check thickness, dip a spoon in the curd and swipe your finger through it. If it leaves a trail, curd is thick enough. When thickened, remove from heat and add lemon zest. Stir.

Curd will be a bright lemony color and a smooth, creamy texture. Immediately pour curd into a bowl and cover with saran wrap. You want the saran wrap to lay on top of the curd. This will prevent a skin forming on top.

As you can see, it makes a little more than 2 cups of lemon curd. Put bowl in refrigerate to chill. After curd is chilled it is ready to use. I put the extra in jars and froze it. It will last about 3 months in the freezer.

So there it is the no strain easy peasy lemon curd! You can use this as a spread, in pies, doughnut filling, whatever your little heart desires!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Corned Beef Ideas

Are you tired of corned beef yet?

Or of me talking about St Pat's Day?

Well, just one more and I PROMISE I will quit! It's just hard to stop talking about corned beef when you have 9 lbs of it on your hands. I am not good about "serving" leftovers. Having the same thing 2 or 3 days in a row is so *YAWN* boring! Usually I try to reinvent them. One of my favorite things to do with leftover corned beef is make these simple sandwiches.

Corned Beef on Onion Rolls

First thing is to slice the corned beef thinly. Yes, I do have a slicer because not only am I a gadget hound, but my hubby spoils me rotten! I just love this contraption.

Next, open an onion roll and pile on the corned beef. Top with Catalina dressing and a slice of Irish style Swiss cheese and enjoy!

To go with it, I pulled all the cabbage I had made with the corned beef and made this wonderful soup! I was trying to find the recipe I had used before for cabbage soup. I couldn't find it anywhere but I came across this one on the internet. It is a Weight Watcher's recipe and you can eat as much of this yummy soup as you want! You can find the recipe here.

Doesn't it look yummy?! I finally used my soup tureen for soup! Imagine that.

As if you haven't had enough cabbage here is my recipe for cole slaw. My husband loves this and swears it is the best ever!

Cole Slaw

1 bag cole slaw mix
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup sour cream
4 Tbs sugar
1 Tbs white vinegar

In medium bowl, mix all ingredients except slaw mix together. When blended, fold in cole slaw mix. Blend well. Mixture will look dry. Cover and refrigerate atleast one hour. Before serving, mix again. Mixture should now be wet.

There ya go! Just some ideas of what to do with leftovers to reinvent for another meal.


Posted at Foodie Friday

Next week is all about organization! I hope you come back cause you won't want to miss it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A St Pat's Repeat Tablescape

There was so much leftover from St Pat's that I did another table last weekend.

Come on in and see!

I found this tablecloth while looking for a dark green one. How could I resist when it was on clearance?

It's an acrylic fabric with embroidered edges. Most of the edging is in white but every now and then there is a pale green shamrock. The corners have a little bit heavier embroidering.

I used my everyday dishes this time. I love the square dishes! I got these from Pier 1 a few years ago. I thought I was doing good since they sell these by the piece, not as a set. If one was broken, I could just replace that one piece. They have foiled my plan and since discontinued them. The salad plates are ones that I picked up on a after Christmas sale at Home Goods. They have a pattern on half of the plate. The rose fold napkin is covering it, but when the napkin is removed it shows.

I also used the new silver. I found out this pattern is called Danish Princess by Holmes & Rogers. It was introduced in 1938. A little handwashing, dry and buffing and they look as great as when I first polished them.

I kept everything simple since this was a late lunch/early Sunday dinner meal. Even the food was reinvented leftovers from St Pat's Day. It was such a casual meal that I even forgot to put out the glasses before taking the pics!

Corned Beef on Onion Roll Sandwiches
Cabbage Soup
Cole Slaw

I will post about the food tomorrow! You won't want to miss it, especially if you are trying to lose a few pounds before summer!

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