Saturday, March 26, 2011

You've Got Mail!

Yesterday was a fun day.

Kids sick at home. The bitty one kept on puking on me. In fact, she had been doing that little trick since 4 am. Why is it that when someone is going to throw up they aim for me? When did I become the human toilet bowl? I swore that if one more person upchucked on me I was going to return the favor!

In the midst of all this fun, there was a knock at the door.

Really?! Seriously?! Of course I had to race the 120 lb horse to the door. I don't know why she runs to the door so ferociouslike. All you see are legs and ears flopping all over. As soon as she sees it is someone she doesn't know she slinks chicken like back to her bed. Thanks for having my back there Sheba! Goobernut....

Today, it was the mail lady. Big huge happy smile on her face too. I was so not in the mood for chipper people.

"You've got a package!"

It takes approximately 3 seconds for a 48 year old woman to turn into a 3 year old. Did you know that? Yup, it does. There I was clapping my hands and jumping up and down in my stinky, vomity jammies.


After the last 24 hours, I woulda been excited about a package from the Unibomber! But this was from my delightful and talented friend Theresa @ 612 Riverside! See, she had a birthday and decided to share the wealth and have a giveaway! Yeah for me! I won it! Now here it was!

First was a very sweet note! I just love her! We are going to be best buddies and go saleing this summer! *squeal* I love the saying on this note. "I am only as strong as the coffee I drink & the hairspray I use!"

Everything was wrapped so pretty in this soft purple crepe paper! Each had a little Easter stick sign that I plan on using during the Easter season!

First, was this big burlap rose! I am planning on making some springy type pillows here really soon and this is definitely going to be on one of them!

I think this package she included for the kids. C'mon Theresa! Did you really expect me to hand over perfectly good peeps and jelly beans to them? Just kidding. I reluctantly did. The bitty one said, with a mouth ful of peeps, "I like your friend Mommy!" I was hoping all day they wouldn't make a reappearance and they didn't! Imagine that. She couldn't keep down food or Tylenol but she sure can hang onto a peep and jelly beans!

Next was this sweet little pot! It is filled with a pretty blue and white hankerchief, tied with a white ribbon and topped off with a vintage earring! Isn't it cute? I know just where this is going too!

Next was this cute little frog. I just love these things! I already have a couple on my desk and this one is joining them!

She even tucked in these sweet little notecards too! One is written from a grandma to her granddaughter for Easter. It is in the frog on my desk now. I just love looking at it.

There was also this great purse that she made too! I love it! I have to take the bitty one on a field trip on Monday and darn tooting that I am going to be sporting this! I love the long strap and the size. I usually carry a small piece of luggage and pass it off as a purse. I have been wanting a cute little one like this for a long time though. This is perfect!

This beautiful flower was also in the package. Theresa handcrafts these also and they are available in her Etsy store! It is so soft and suedy feeling that I could just snuggle up to it. I have a little something planned for it though!

And how cute did she package the purse! She wrapped it in a vintage dresser scarf and pinned with an "M" broach! The big girl wants to lay claim on the dresser scarf since it is purple, but so far I have held her off!

So there it is in all it's glory! My wonderful surprise that totally made a literally pukey day into a day in paradise! Thank you so much Theresa! You are just way too generous!

If you would like to get a chance to get your very own little surprise package in the mail, the ever lovely Misha @ From My Front Porch In The Mountains is having a giveaway as we speak!

Go visit her to get a chance to win this and some other goodies that she is adding to it! Tell her Maggie sent ya and you will get a good seat! Bwahahaha!

Next week is Organization Week at the White Farmhouse! I have something that inspired me to get off my duff and "get 'er dun" that I will share, a little project, a little food, and even a little something that might qualify as a tablescape! I am even throwing in a DIY project too! The week starts on Monday, so until then....



Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Congrats Maggie! What a fun package! Hope everyone's feeling better:@)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Yea for you Maggie! What a great surprise package! Hope the kiddos are feeling better. Poor Bitty One! You need to keep a plastic bucket near you right now!
xo Yvonne

Theresa said...

I am so happy that you got everything and it sounds like it came at just the right time to cheer you up! I have magical powers you know! O.k. this is too funny, I'm glad you like the little peat pot but you need to take it apart to get to the prize inside! I see that it is still unopened, I am over here wishing I was sitting next to you clapping my hands saying there's one more thing, there's one more thing!
I hope bitty one is feeling better, I had Hannah home sick most of the week, I should have tried peeps over here!
Thank you for all of the sweet stuff you said about me and the prizes, I am grinning from ear to ear... now open that peat pot! love ya! xoxo

Southern Lady said...

Isn't it fun to get a package in the mail from a friend?? So sorry that your little one is not feeling well. Hope she is better soon. Carla

Dar said...

I'm so happy your pukey day turned sweet! What an array of soft and sweet. You are a lucky and very obviously, appreciative recipient. Love that purse and the frog...that type of frog is the best for holding your tulips tall in your vase. They will not fall. Now, I wonder where mine is hiding. One more closet to clean.

Lori said...

What a fun package ~ love that little purse ~ I think I need one of those for my trip! Happy week-end. xo

Diane said...

You got yourself some wonderful treasures from the give-away....lucky girl! It sounded like you got a awesome interruption from a crazy day! Diane

Marydon said...

What a wonderful gift parcel ... so full of delightful treasures. Congrats!

Have a beautiful week ~

Kathleen said...

Sweet gifts! I remember those days! I remember when I was still teaching and a sweet little girl told me she felt s...., oops all over my desk. Poor thing! After that I told them they could just leave and run next door to the bathroom! :)
Hope the little ones are better!