Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leftovers Week!

It's sad that St Pat's Day is over. One day is just not enough! So here at the O'Farmhouse we are still celebrating!

While I was looking at napkin folds, I found a really cool one that I just knew I had to do! It is super easy even if you have 6 left thumbs like I do. I really liked it cause it is another alternative to putting the napkins under the plate. So without further ado, here is....

How To Do A Napkin Rose Fold!

I used an oversized 20"x20" napkin. I laid it out, wrongside up, and found the center of it. Taking each corner, you bring them to the center. Press each fold with the palm of your hand.

Bring each corner again to the center, just like the first fold. Hand press.

Flip your napkin over carefully. Fold each corner over again, this time keeping your finger on the center point where all the corners meet.

Keeping your finger there, reach under each corner and grab the flap under. Pull out each.

Don't move your finger yet! Reach under each side this time and pull the flap out. Now you can put your plate or bowl in the center of your rose folded napkin!

Another alternative to having a napkin under the top dish and adding a bit of color.

I used this for another St Pat's Leftover Table that is coming up this week!

I guess you just have to come back and see cause I am kinda mean like that sometimes!


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

You don't have a mean bone in your sweet self!
I love this pretty napkin fold. It will show up on one of my tables! It will be perfect for spring!
I love see what is going on at the farmhouse!
xo Yvonne

Southern Lady said...

Love it! Thanks for the tutorial! Carla


I love the fold in the napkins...thanks for the turtorial! You're a very generous lady. Thank you for your lovely comment on my MIL's bed, it came from France in the 30's for her. Who knows, maybe in antique shops in New Orleans, or perhaps, Canada!