Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Inspiration Post!

I know, it's a day late. Sorry!

To make things worse, I can't even show you the pics that my August Inspiration inspired me to do!

I suck....


....but what doesn't suck is my inspiration! She is just gorgeous, EXTREMELY talented and funny too! Plus, she loves Stephen King! She is none other than....

Besides making my button for the Inspiration Party, she did a faux treatment on her front door. In fact, that was the first post that I ever saw of hers. After a year of drooling over it, I finally tried it.

This is Jan's door, not mine cause remember I suck and have no pics yet. I am not even going to attempt to tell you how I did it. Actually, I followed Jan's wonderful tutorial which you can find here. There are also lots of other goodies on her site. It definitely is a must visit blog!

So Jan!


Thank you for inspiring me and many others!

As soon as the hubs gets home I will post pics of my door. I just wanted to get this done!

Now, if you would like to tell someone who has inspired you thank you, make a post and join the fun!

Tag you're it!

The party ends August 5th!

P.S. Just in! Here is a pic of my door that I did following Jan's tutorial!

Thanks Jan for the awesome tutorial! It turned a plain white steel door into a thing of beauty!

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