Saturday, July 18, 2009

Squirreling Away

So since these were rolling around all day and being threatening....

....we decided to go shopping!

I don't know what it is about scales lately but they are just soooo cute.

I found this beauty for my desk.

It's a postal scale. It says rates effective Jan 7, 1968. Looking for one for the kitchen also. Found them, just have yet to get one.

Look at the cute little bench!

I could not resist it. I am planning on painting it black and distressing it. The pillows are just there to see if they are the right size. I am planning on using it with the new table that I also found for the kitchen. Still have to find some chairs for the table.

I think that I have found the floor for the kitchen. Just have to have it approved now.

I also think I have found my new bed! Just have to double check the measurements to make sure it will fit my queen.

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