Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to shabby

The fence that was looking so beautiful is back to looking shabby.

HOPEFULLY! (keeping fingers crossed) my sis and Jeff's buddy Kyle are coming over this weekend to help us kick some fence arse!

Arse is such a funny word....

So is buttocks....

and don't even ask the old man how many times he had to take down this and redo it. It's hard when you are trying to make a fence straight that is going slightly uphill.

I am just dreading all the freaking painting that I have to do. Don't think that it is beneath me to have all the stuff to paint it and leave it unpainted for a year or two.

The only reason I don't have the unpainted shed in my yard is cause the wind got tired of it and threw it on it's roof.

Then it turned into my husband's project that I could bitch about.

I was getting ready to pull out the Halloween decorations and find the Wicked Witch feet that I have. You set them against the house to make it look like the house fell on her.

I think that motivated him to dismantle it cause he knew I would do that.

So I am off to paint a fence!

Hi Ho Hi Ho

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