Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clean House ~ Day Two or Kill That Dog!

Today was kinda a bust. Okay, it was a bust. The boys got up early to go play paintball.

Why is it that they get up so easily for something like paintball and yet it takes me screaming to get them up otherwise?!

After coming home and regaling us with their tales of bravery in the face of danger, we went to a party. The little one tried out her first act of standing up for herself. We were getting ready to go and she crossed her arms across her chest and told her dad "I am not going anywhere til I go in the dragon's tummy again!" They had a bounce house shaped like a dragon. He leaned over and said "She does know I can just pick her up and carry her to the car right?" Yeah, but good luck with that dude!

We came home to find this....

....and this hole!


I'm going to kill that dog! My husband said she "got bored". Yeah, I am going to give her bored and not in a good way!

I love my leather couches! Now they are ruined! I just want to cry!

She's off my Christmas card list this year!

Plus..... the hunting trip to Canada is on again! Make up my mind already! He better not change it again or I will kick him in the ankle really really hard!

So the list is on again!

Better get to work!

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Elizabeth said...

OMG! I would so kill the dog! I got fed up with our cat Thursday when after using the litter box she decided to toss it in the floor! So, I tossed her outside. I live in an apartment complex on the 2nd floor. I started feeling real guilty the next day. Worried about her. Then I heard a cat meowing and opened my door and there she was! LOL Dang it. I think she learned her lesson though. The cat has be right by my side ever since. LOL