Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 4 of Clean House

Well in typical fashion I have yet to get in a whole day of working on my project. Today was no different. Sadly, we lost one of our teachers, Mrs Murphy, at my son's school last Thursday. Today we went to the funeral home to pay our respects. She was such a nice lady too. Her cancer came back at the end of the school year, but they were hopeful that they had caught it early enough. Also she was responding well to the medication. Both of my kids had her and I knew her since I am on the PTO.

I also had to take the 100lb doofus to get groomed today. She really is dumb. I always expect for some little guy to pop out at some time and say "Hey! Can our village have their idiot back?!" We are walking through the pet store and this little yippy dustball starts barking at her. What does she do? She cowers! For Pete's sake! You are a Great Dane! Act like one! Then she tries to "sneak" a huge honking bone off the shelf. Hello!!!!!!!!!! Try to wrestle that one from her.

I have yet to fix this fiasco...

My MIL called in a panic cause she just had her dining room painted and left the wallpaper border up. My SIL told her she should take it down. So she started to and then panicked that she was doing it wrong. You may wonder why she called me cause she has seen the mess I have made of my own kitchen. Neverless, I went to try to fix it.

But I did get this fat jolly fella for the kitchen! You will need to turn your head sideways cause the dumb puter won't let me rotate the pic. I'm waiting for it's village to call soon also.

Is he not the cutest or what?! His board is supposed to be a blackboard, but it is not. I will outsmart them though cause I have blackboard paint! Haha!

And tomorrow looks like a bust too. I will be cooking for these guys to take food on their trip.

I might have some recipes to share though.....

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