Thursday, August 20, 2009


I hate it when my husband goes away. I don't know if I can stand 10 days of my "B" not working! Just kidding. Okay, not really. Every little creak and noise and I am awake.

What can you do at 1:48 am?! Nothing that won't wake up kids.

I could paint but am way too lazy to do that. Dragging out all that stuff and then I know halfway through I will get sleepy and not want to clean up so that will be a bigger mess.

I could clean off the counters and get started on that project, but I am starting to second guess that. Yes, I am a chicken. I probably wouldn't be if anything I attempted to do didn't turn out to be such a flop. Y'all need to be up and blogging so I have something to do.

Even my sister is sleeping now. The nerve of her!

My MIL is trying her hardest to get us to buy her house from her so she can go and buy a condo. Her house is just way too big for her now. Well, it always was way too big for them. I would love to buy her house not cause it is my dream house, but to redecorate it. I would love to redo the whole thing. She's tried, but she sucks at decorating more so than me!

Oh well, I guess I am off to do some painting....

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blondiensc said...

I hate when I cannot sleep, I usually go and play on the computer or watch a bff is the same way, she can't sleep when her hubby is not I stretch out and snore! :)