Friday, August 7, 2009

Chair Rail DIY

So today is moulding day....

and painting day.

Painting comes later and is about as exciting as a root canal. So I thought that I would do some pics of the moulding.

First of all is your list of tools

Tape measure
Saw (hand or electric)
Miter box if using hand saw
Nail set

Materials Needed

Finish Nails

1. Decide at what height you would like the chair rail.

2. Mark and cut the chair rail at the length you need. If your wall is longer than your chair, you will want to make a diagonal cut in the chair rail. Imagine the chair rail on the wall. You will want the "seam" to be towards the corner end of the wall and the diagonal facing towards the corner. That way you are less likely to notice the seam when you enter and move about the room.

I am only allowed to use hand tools since I sometimes have accidents.

3. Now you will want to predrill the spots where you will be nailing on the moulding. Sometimes wood is prone to splitting when you nail it. This way insures that it won't split on you.

4. Position the moulding on the wall. Use your level to make sure that it is straight. This is something that I don't eyeball cause guaranteed it will be crooked and drive me nuts.

5. When you have the moulding in place, nail it. When you have the nail almost pounded in all the way you want to use the nail set to finish it off. I don't know how many decorative elements I have pounded flat not using a nail set. Don't tell my husband but in a pinch I use his screwdrivers as nail sets.

6. You can put a bit of spackle over the heads of the nails to cover up. You can also use caulk to fill in seams and corner joints.

7. Now paint and admire your handiwork!
I don't know why I always take shots of the pooper area. It's probably the least attractive spot in the bath.

Now to drop off the oldest at a slumber party for her BFF and back home to paint!

Woo Hoo! Another hot Friday night!

Almost forgot! I had the nails but I did spend $6.40 in moulding. So far my cost is.....



Lori said...

Maggie ~ the finished product looks incredible. You would never know from the pictures that it wasn't bead board. Well done girl, well done!

Jacque said...

Maggie, thankyou for your kind words on my blog. Id love you to share more about your son. And Im going to post a picture of our home. It remindes me of yours! An old farm house that is always needing love. Have a great day! Jacque