Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Walmart Grand Opening!

Sounds great huh? Walmart out here in BFE is great. Not great enough that we get dressed in our Sunday best for, but still a big deal.

So off me and the two girls went to check out the new Walmart. We wandered around like a bunch of slackjawed yokels checking out where everything was, making lunch out of the free samples, seeing where the bathrooms are..... the usual. Then we wandered to the front where the "incident" occurred. This is not a pretty story.

I was pushing the cart, the 13 year old is texting everyone she can as fast as she can on my cell phone and Boss Hogg is in the cart sucking her finger with Binky the Blanket. She goes no where without it. I looked away for a sec and then came the scream. You know one of those shrill screams that only little girls can do.


A trunkie is a twinkie. I don't know why she can't call it a twinkie.

But there it is a giant walking twinkie. Really just the low man on the Walmart totem pole stuffed in a smelly costume. Scary to her to say the least. Of course the poor twinkie with the cowboy hat tries to make up for scaring her by walking over with one of the creme filled log cakes in his hand.

I would have definitely given her a 10 for her catapult onto my head from the cart if I was not the landing zone. So there it is. Me flailing around with a screaming 2 year old on my face being followed by a ginormous twinkie! The 13 year old did stop texting long enough to snap our pic on my phone so she could send it to all her friends.

Thank God! She now has proof of what an idiot her mom is. And all her friends do too.

I did manage to free myself from the death grip on my face to find we had drawn quite a crowd. I even knew some people too. I swear if I see another twinkie person coming towards me I will kick him in his creamy filling!

I am hoping though that maybe the grand opening of the Meijer won't be as eventful so maybe I can go there without shame.

I did get this beauty today though. I needed something to console my hurt feelings.

It now sits here....

I am looking for a couple of small vintage cookbooks to go with it.

It seems I have this obsession with scales lately. I guess my DH should be glad it is not with measuring sticks!

I did get the rest of the supplies to make the curtains though. I also picked up some really cheap (1.00) kitchen towels that I think I have figured out a way to dress up.

I think I should stay away from the new Walmart tomorrow and work on that stuff.


Lori said...

How funny is your twinkie story ~ of course I can giggle about it now because I was not there! Have fun on your quest for the vintage recipe books....

thepurplerose said...

OOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! My poor Boss Hogg!!! Humbled by a lowly trunkie twinkle!!!

The DIY Show Off said...

Sorry...I couldn't help but laugh at your story (now that you can too, right?). Poor baby girl. Those things should KNOW they're scary to small children and pets - it'd benefit their health (lol ... cream filling injuries).

I love your find though!

blondiensc said...

Maggie, that is hillarious...why did they have a HUGE twinkie? Strange! LOVE THE SCALE!

Jacqueline said...

Oh, the joys of parenthood.....these are the things that are sent to try us...and it's usually the mother who has to deal with these events, isn't it....sorry, I don't mean that in a sexist way, it's just true.
Hope she has recovered from the experience and that you have too. Sit in your newly renovated kitchen with a cup of coffee (or something stronger !!!!) and look at your scales !!!!

Tracey said...

I've been a little obsessed with scales lately myself...yours is just lovely! Funny story :)


Jen R. said...

Those things totally scare me!

Jen R. said...

I mean the giant twinkies!

Kasey said...

cute story.