Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Wish List

Tomorrow starts my own version of "Clean House". Since it is just me doing all the work, I am taking 2 weeks to get it all done. I have a little twist on it too. The upstairs living area is pretty clean, but the basement..... The basement is what is going to be cleaned out and all the garbage thrown out and anything worth 50 cents sold at the yard sale. But first for some fun. The things I want to get done from my "Clean House" episode.

1. New countertops! and something done with that ugly backsplash thingy. This will be quite the project.

2. More storage for staples. Cute storage too. Maybe some labels?!

3. A new color in the kitchen. More of the beadboard. My sister already said she can't be here to see the yellow go, it will be too sad for her. Also a fresh coat of paint on the table and some distressing.

4. A secret texture thingy for the walls in the foyer and living room with also a new paint color. The stairs will stay as they are with a new color on the wall. I LOVE my stairs!

5. New window treatments for the living room, foyer and kitchen. I still like the living room window treatments, me and my sis made them, but they are too dark. I want something lighter in color.

6. Okay now don't you girls get all jealous of my next wish. I know you are going to wonder with something so fabulous as this why in the world would I want anything else. But I guess I am snooty and just spoiled. I want a new entertainment center!

Yes, I really do want to replace this sorry excuse for a TV stand with a real live entertainment center!

7. I love my tables, but I want some plants for under them. Christopher (yes, we are on a first name basis) did it on one episode and it looked so cool. I also want new lamps for here. This may mean bringing the lamps in my bedroom down here and getting new ones for up there.

8. New living room rug.

9. Some new stuff for the mantle. I know, what gorgeous mirror! That is the fault of my MIL. She thought I would like it. She was wrong.
10. A little dressing up with this desk area, which I do like here. It's rather convenient and much nicer than being in the dungeon! A new desk and chair would work nicely. Yes Tara, I am still crying over not getting yours look a like!

11. A paint job for the doors.

and a new treatment for the front door.

I think that is it for right now, besides also giving the hardwoods a good cleaning. I was also going to replace the kitchen floor with a tile floor, but that sounds like a job for Handy Manny!

All this work has made some people very tired!

Oh yeah that reminds me, new pillows for the couch too!

I better get going before I think up more projects!


Elizabeth said...

I'm jealous of that TV! I want a flat screen :) Good luck with your projects.

blondiensc said...

Girl that is the longest wish list ever..but it is good to have them....can't wait to see your changes and new paint colors! Also, your blog list is getting longer and much inspiration, huh? :)

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh trust me if I went through the whole house it would have been much longer! Between yours and your mom's house I have LOTS of inspiration!

Lori said...

You have a great list there girl ~ I am laughing over your tv stand, then thought - if she does get a new entertainment center, you can use the old stand in your office area for your printer! That cracked me up...and just to be clear, I am NOT making fun... I love projects ~ whatcha gonna start first?