Thursday, August 6, 2009

A little bit more

I got a bit more done on the bath today.

The wallpaper is up. I forgot what a pain in the buttocks it is to go around the pooper! Yeesh!

Now tomorrow is a trip to Lowes for some stuff to finish it off then it will be ready, with the kitchen, to paint.

Sure does make the tiny bath look alot bigger.

I'm also going to pick up that surprise.

And a new shower curtain rod!


icandy... said...

you are hilarious!!!! :) it is a pain in the "pooper" to go around the john!!!


LuLu said...

It turned out great!

carole said...

Hi Maggie:
Looking good!!! You are a busy lady.
Oh, I am glad since I did not win the brooch you did!!! Lot of confetti in the air and horns tooting : )
Show a photo when you received it.