Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why I Should Not Be A Decorator!

So, today is day 3 of Clean House. The hubby left early this morning to go up north with his buddy. What?! It will be 10 days that they will not be able to hang out together! Blah! The humanity! I would not understand cause....

A. I have no girlfriends to hang out with cause I have kids 24/7.

B. I have no time to get away cause I have kids 24/7.

Do you see a pattern evolving here?

So.... me and my BFF's aka my kids, went to the cider mill today. We went to pick stuff. Whatever was in season cause that is the kind of peeps we are. Little did I know they have remodeled the cider mill.

YEAH BABY! They added a winery!!

Woo Hoo!

Unfortunately you cannot stay in the winery and taste test while the urchins are out picking or teasing goats.

Darn It!

So a few tastes of wine and I was off with my happy self to pick raspberries.

I don't know who this fat broad is and why we got a pick of her, but here ya go....

Atleast she is a non smoker!

There is my babies slaving in the raspberry orchards or whatever they are.

We got a whole 3 quarts!

Then home to paint and here is where the story gets sad.

See in my mind things look a whole lot better than in reality. So in my infinite wisdom I bought a gallon of paint only to realize that I like the color my kitchen is NOW.

I like the color in the bathroom, but not in the kitchen. It's too dark in the kitchen. So now the upper part of the kitchen is repainted 3 times only to go back to the original color.


So..... now the whole design is getting rethunk!

Please tell me that other people are as undecisive as me and I am not alone in this thinking!


blondiensc said...

Your hysterical! And yes other peeps are very indecisive, you are not alone!! :)

thepurplerose said...

I'm indecisive, I'm indecisive---uh oh--maybe it's a gene thing!!!! Maybe our dad should be that indecisive and not jump into committments that quickly!! You know--our real dad--wherever he is.....

Lori said...

Isn't that all part of redecorating though?? It's trial and error, oops almost put trail and error! LOL Can't wait to hear what you get checked off your list.... were raspberries there?