Saturday, August 22, 2009

It spoke to me!

So you know my usual whining and crying. Especially about this kitchen. Then I went and ripped off the backsplash, stood back and blinked a few times.

Yup, still looked like a mess.

Lucy! You got some splaining to do!

The reaction I want him and everyone else to have and the one he is going to give me are two totally different things. So I started working on the countertops. That is soon to come with pics. And I am sure that you remember the whole paint saga. So then I went up to Home Depot.

The tile I was going to get was so not what I remembered. Uh-oh. When I explained to the very nice Home Depot guy with the 3 foot braided beard and pierced lip what I had going on he did not look well. He tried to make me feel better cause I am sure that I looked like I was going to cry. I got some tile that was totally different than what I expected. At the register when the girl rang me up the boy, in his infinite wisdom, said "Holy crap Mom! Do you really know what you are doing?" I hitched up my big girl pants and said "Yeah, I think so."

But I have a saving grace. My trump card. Crystal! I love Crystal! I did 70 mph to Sherwin Williams and Crystal. No luck though, they closed at 5! WAAAAAAH!

So defeated I went home. Threw the tile on the kitchen floor and sat down. That in itself is a hard task considering the stove and fridge are in the middle of the floor. And then I looked at my mess....

I pinkie swear that the lights got brighter, and angels were singing! I got it! I know how to fix this mess! I even did the Snoopy dance! All is good and well now! In my mind it is gorgeous. I even got the curtains figured out! That was really stumping me too.

Of course it mean repainting the kitchen..... again! But I am good with that.

And I owe it all to Steamed Milk.


P.S. I've never done a p.s. before! I am not a p.s. virgin!

P.S.S. Oops! I was going to say that there are no pics on purpose cause I want you to be surprised or shocked too!


P.S.S.S. I made a whole 105.30 on the garage sale so far. If I can pull this one off I may buy myself a tiara!


Elizabeth said...

I wish I could have seen you do the Snoopy dance! I'm glad you are making progress. Can't wait to see the pictures!

thepurplerose said...

o.k.==first off don't let the man who braids his beard like an indian rug and uses his face for a pincushion make you feel self conscious!!! Secondly--if the midget comes home and doesn't like it you can man-handle him into submission!!! I say: "RIP IT OUT--GET TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN!!!" Oh o.k.--I have seen you already did that--NUFF SAID!!

Jacqueline said...

I am so looking forward to seeing the pictures of how the kitchen turns out. I'm sure that it will look magnificent.
In the does help if you scrunch your eyes up.....everything looks so much better !!!. XXXX

Jen R. said...

I am excited to see the pictures! It's funny that you thought my post said virgin and then your post says virgin in it..... something on your mind? ;)

Tracey said...

Well, can't wait to see the pics!!!

:) T