Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Little Better....

A sore spot is this area in my kitchen. It is always a mess! The drawer used to be the "junk drawer". The cabinet above it turned into the overflow catcher for the junk drawer. I loathed both of those. The cabinet had gotten so bad that you literally threw stuff in and slammed it shut.

It had a childproof catch on it. Why do you ask? It is not beneath Boss Hogg to climb on stuff to get what she wants. But that was not the issue. The child latch was to keep the door shut so crap would not fall out on your head!

The drawer was just as bad. The frame of the cabinet would swipe anything into the cupboard underneath it.

But I am happy to say that I have kicked the "Junk Drawer Habit"! It's been 2 weeks now and it is still neat and CLEAN!

I got this a couple of weeks ago with the intent of using it on the desk.

It is too big and pink. The Marine does not do well with pink.


a little paint and has found a home! A replacement for the junk drawer! I do think I am going to make a drawer for underneath it to hold writing paper.

You can also see how high the beadboard is going. Of course in true form I cut the piece to stop at the cupboard with the intent of putting up tile under the cabinets. Now I have changed my mind so that piece will be coming down.

Oi Vey!


Anonymous said...

Looking good maggie, I hate junk drawers, they are a nigtmare to me, the pool man loves them! :)

thepurplerose said...

K---don't tell me this is all you did all day!! LOL I'm bored and was looking to see what you had done exciting!!!