Tuesday, May 12, 2009

While the puter is away.....

I thought that I would make it's home a little better.

My husband did not like the look of the desk so in his decorating genius he threw this piece of fabric over it.

Now you know why he is not allowed to decorate.

Anywho's..... since the puter is gone I thought I would work on making the desk prettier. This desk used to be in my daughters room BLS (Before Little Sister). Ah, the days when she did not have to share her room!

I used the rest of the paint from the wall that is still ongoing.

I painted the knobs black. Then I decided that I did not like them on the desk. So I swapped out the knobs from my closet doors and they look great.

My husband thinks I am done with it, but don't tell him, I plan on distressing it still.

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