Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Yesterday I spent the day shopping with my sister.

She's such a bad influence!

Lucy and Ethel came home with me today! They are sitting right next to my puter.

This cutesy sign is hanging in the newly painted mudroom.

Some of my babies decided to show off today!

This is the first time that the white irises have bloomed.

The red and yellow are making an appearance also. There are alot of these around.

These purples are from our old house. We bought my husband's grandparents house, so these are some of his grandmother's flowers. My neighbor told me when we were moving that it is good luck to take something that belonged to your old house and put it in your new house. So I snagged some of these since we had alot of bushes at this house and not alot of flowers.

The bushes bit the dust to make room for the flowers.

Wait til you see the blacks I have. They are gorgeous!


blondiensc said...

Gorgeous flowers Maggie! And, I am laughing...I love your neighbor's idea, but i am laughing, I only took my husband (ex-husband now) with me to my new house and well let's just say HE was no good luck charm!! HA! Have a great weekend~

carole said...

Hi Maggie:
I remember my Mom saying just about the same thing.
I like the sign about Trouble; great way to think.
I love your white Iris; never seen one just the purple ones; I like them too : )
Have a marvelous weekend

The White Farmhouse said...

Thank you for the compliments. We are trying to plan on redoing the porch this summer so I am trying to hold off on doing anything drastic to the flowerbeds. The lilies are just starting to get buds on them. They are also some of my favorites. I was also hoping to have the porch done so I can plant some gladiolas in the fall.