Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This weekend...

I started by just painting by the back door.....

I asked for a simple little coatrack/shelf for my husband to build.

He stated that he needed a space to do these projects.

And I would be allowed to use it too.

For now, since it doesn't exist.

That lead to a trip out to the garage.

Which lead to us cleaning the garage.

And organizing the garage.

Then it lead to we need to put the stuff that was in the shed in the garage.

Which lead to we need an access to the garage so we can put bikes and 4 wheelers and the lawnmower in the garage.

The wind blew down the shed.

No..... not quite true.....

The wind picked up the shed and dumped it upside down on it's roof smashing it.

Atleast it landed in our yard this time.

So that lead to a big hole in the back of the garage.

With a sliding door over it.

Which leads to what we will be doing next weekend.

Putting the siding we pulled off on the door and making a ramp so the kids don't have to jump the 2-1/2' drop off with their bikes.

I bet the boy could do it.

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