Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's a good thing he is cute.....

Cause he is not the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes.

This is the face of the boy who drives me nuts.

Looks innocent huh?!

The other day he told me he needs inserts for his shoes cause he runs too much and his feet hurt.


Later, he told me he found some so I didn't need to bother.

Again, ooookay.....

Later that night when I was cleaning up the bathroom after the kids baths I found his fix.

I really tried to keep a straight face when I asked him about why
Obviously, he thought I was mad cause he told me "I didn't think you would mind, you got a whole bag of them!"
He said they worked awesome. Made his shoes really comfy. And his feet didn't sweat or stink all day!
I hope he didn't share this "tip" with anyone at school.


carole said...

I think it must be in the blood of children : )
I have 3 grown daughters and all 3 of them did it sometime during their pre-teen and teen years.
I think he is industrious and found a simple solution to an obvious problem.
Right on : )

blondiensc said...

TOO funny, I think he is on to something here!

carole said...

Hi Maggie:
I am having a laughing attack : )
Your friend blondiensc even said he is on to something : )
I think when you stand back and think about it perhaps the people at Dr. Scholls gellin' insoles started this way. I signed in to follow you because I do NOT want to miss a thing!!! I want to watch Jeffrey's antics : ) He is way cool!!!
Aren't we lucky to have great childhood memories of growing up? Look, I had chicken's {until I found out they were my pets until time to eat}, horny toad, the frogs, dogs, cats, white rat, and my Dad's horses he kept on acreage out in the real county (we had sidewalks in town : ).Never had a pig though. I was in 4-H were you?

The White Farmhouse said...

You know after I started thinking of it, it did make sense. I was even tempted to try it!

I wasn't in 4H. I grew up in the city. I loved going to Tenn for the summer though. Lots of great memories!

I used to bring out all kinds of "strays". I got busted when the neighbors came looking for their dogs and cats though. We had shepherds and a bunny named Billy. My uncle got me a pony since I was about as nuts as my daughter about horses.

Sharon said...

OMG - this is so funny. Reminds me of the time my mom told me my dad used to use Kotex pads to polish the car back in the 1960's. He was one of those handy kind of guys who was very industrious. I imagine my mom was not too thrilled with this! :-)