Monday, May 18, 2009

A Perfect Weekend

This was such a perfect weekend.

The weather even cooperated. Well, Saturday morning was a little wet. We took the kids and the dog to Kensington Park by the house for a little fishing.

A little windy. We didn't catch anything but the kids had a ball just casting.

The dog overcame her fear of water and ended up a smelly mess.

Sunday morning we got up early and shooed the kids off to Jeff's sisters for the day.

We jumped on his Harley and went on a bike run. We had a ball! I didn't gets pics at the bike run since it is hard to take pics when you are holding on for dear life. Just kidding!

There were about 150 bikes in the run. This one was a benefit for the Axemen, a motorcycle group that's members are Michigan Firefighters. They use the money to help families that are in need.

On the run you get a map and an envelope. On the outside of the envelope are numbers. Inside the envelope is a paper with all 52 cards from a d eck listed. You follow the map and at each stop on the map you draw a chip with a number. They punch the number on the outside of the envelope.

Each stop is a bar!

Try staying on a bike after a dozen Tequila Roses!

It's not a pretty picture.

Anyways the last stop you have dinner and the best and worst poker hands out of the envelopes get a prize. Even though we didn't win, we had a ball! What a great way to kick off the bike riding season!

The lady who won the best hand had such an uncommon last name I had to ask her if she was related to my Godfather. It turns out her husband is his nephew. What a small world!

I also met the most incredible and inspirational person. Her name is Jenna. She came on the run with her Dad. She laughed and smiled the whole time. It would be impossible to be in a bad mood around her. She is 18 and graduated from High School last year. She was class valedictorian and made the commencement speech. She has just been accepted to U of M on a full scholarship. She is studying to be a social worker for handicapped people. Her and her family have raised over 250,000.00 for Muscular Dystrophy. She is very active in the fight against MD since she was born with it. Her Dad says they have yet to find something she can't or won't do.

I think the best part of the whole day was meeting and spending time with Jenna!

And how was your weekend?

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