Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Favorite Place

This is the Livingston Antique Mall here in Howell. Even a dreary day can be brightened here.

This is one of my favorite booths here. I can always find something.

This is the little something I have my eye on lately. It's a Hoosier cabinet. It was used for baking. It has a table that extends out also. I just imagine this little beauty in my kitchen. Painted too. Ahhh......

A cute little sideboard that I think would go great in the girls room for Syrina's clothes.

LOVE these chairs!

This was absolutely love at first sight! This is exactly what I want for the puter area.

A camera that I may get for my little vinette of old photos. How cute would this look tucked away among some old photos and some new photos in sepia?

Some old kitchen chairs and a bargain too at $18.00 apiece.

The table I am considering for our kitchen. I think it would add alot of room to the space instead of the round one we have now. Make more room for that Hoosier cabinet too!

One of these days I want to go when my little "friend" is working. He is so nice and puts up with my crazy "can you move this piece clear to the other end of the store so I can see how it goes with something else". I am thinking that this bench would be great for the other side of the table instead of chairs for the kids. Put some burlap coffee bag pillows on it. Hmmmm......
If that isn't bad enough, you should see the stuff I found after my camera died!
Oi vey!

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