Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm in love!

I keep thinking of this

Is that the most beautiful work area you ever saw? It's Tara's and you can read it's wonderful story here. I obsessed about this desk. I was a Craigslist virgin until this desk. I scoured tons of desk postings looking for one similar. I even went to out of state listings. I cried and whined and threw a good old 3 year old tantrum when I didn't find one.

But... you know what they say about love. Sometimes it is right under your nose.

I turned the corner at the antique mall the other day and squealed with delight. Yes, I squealed. Squealed like I have never squealed before. The poor worker guy came running over. I think he thought I hurt myself.

It doesn't have the sexy curvy legs like Tara's, but neither do I. Can't hold that against someone right?

Tomorrow is the day. I am going to march right in there and proclaim my love for this desk to everything listening. We will be together!


blondiensc said...

You are hillarious!! You made me laugh out loud! that is a really awesome desk you better high tail it over there and lick it at least!! And then show us what you do with it! :)

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh I already licked it! Anyone reading this who has their eye on it, I'm not telling where!