Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Ongoing Saga of Dumb Ideas - Part 4

As with anything that I am left in charge of things tend to go wrong.

I know I thought that I would be so clever and do all the stencils. I went to the store to get some type of temporary glue. The very "helpful" girl found some glue for stencils. I came home, applied glue to the stencils and put them on the wall. I even had time to paint. I was so proud of myself. Feeling rather clever I went to bed. The next day I went to peel the stencils off and found them glued to the wall!

So a day of peeling the stencils off and ruining them, scraping off glue and stencil bits and finally having to repaint the wall I actually considered just leaving the wall plain.

Then my MIL came over and laughed at my mishap.

Armed with newfound determination, I made a new stencil of just letters and started all over. It looks good, but OMG!

So..... I FINALLY got all the letters stenciled and pitched the stencil cause it was worn out.

Yeah, that was on garbage day.

After the garbage truck left, I noticed this.....

Yup, there should be a "who" in this hole.

Just when I thought I was done with the stencils.......

I feel like Santa Claus.

I'm making a graphic,

Checking it twice.......

So now to do some touch-up work.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness so much work! but it looks fabulous...and you did something I would do forgetting the who..so me!! why do projects always take way more time then we expect?

The White Farmhouse said...

Thank you! It is taking alot of time to do. I have learned over the years though, I gave myself until Christmas to have this done. I'm glad that I am way ahead of my deadline!