Monday, June 15, 2009

You may be a lazy person....

... if the dog walks around with her leash on cuz it is easier than looking for it when you need it.

If you let the kids walk around with their clothes on backwards cuz it is easier than fighting with them to turn them around right.

If after mowing your grass you find things that have been missing awhile.

If you buy the bigger diapers that say they hold up to 33lbs figuring you will have less diaper changes.

If you let your kids wash your car every day during summer so you won't have to bathe them.

If you let the kids use other outdoor equipment as a swingset so you don't have to put one up.

If you give your kids a bucket to play in naked instead of putting up a proper swimming pool and buying new bathing suits.

If you claim to get the lawn mower stuck in a place you have mowed no problem for the last 6 years so you can go in the house and work on Etsy stuff.

You just have to stayed tuned to see what though!

I should of snappeed a pic of the 13 year olds face when I told her it was her turn to get naked in the bucket!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Laughing, in stiches, that was hilarious!