Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Favorite Place!

Yesterday I got up at the butt crack of dawn to pack up the kids with my sister and her son to go to my favorite place!

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo!

For those of you who live within driving distance you should definitely go. It is so worth the trip. The kids enjoy it also. For those of you who don't live close by I'm sorry. But I do have pics to share!

This is a hands on zoo. The animals you can get close to and touch you are allowed to do so. My oldest kissed a kangaroo when she was about 4. My son is nuts over penguins and has pet one. My youngest got licked by a giraffe which she screamed at him "Don't touch me!".

They have these very cool topiaries all over. I thought I had a pic of the horse one. I will have to have my sister send it to me. Peacocks are all over the place!

Everywhere you turn there is something to do. They have sections that are climate regulated for the animals. They have an African, Mongolian and Australian section right now.

Here is one of the giraffes in the African section. You view the giraffes in this treetop deck. They can walk right up to you and they sell lettuce for you to feed them. I had Syrina by the rail so she could touch one and when she reached out her hand he stuck out his tongue. Have you ever seen a giraffe tongue? It 's about a foot long and black. Scary. She shirked back and screamed at him!

This guy was in the Mongolian Rain Forest section. He just reminded me of Dad. In fact if this guy was in a green lazyboy they could be twins!

This is also in the Rain Forest section. It's one of the waterfalls in the garden they created. We even found bananas growing on some of the trees.

They have all these topiaries around the grounds. Here is one of them. I thought I got a pic of the horse one, but I guess I was using my sister's camera.

In fact, I think I was using my sister's camera alot more than I thought.

I took the kids in to feed the goats. Syrina was asleep. We got the food and 5 goats jumped up on me and mauled me for food. When Syrina woke up, I took her to see the goats. She ran one way when they all came running over and jumping up on me. Later, we went to eat and my sister asked me what I had down my shirt. Goat food! I guess it wasn't my winning personality that had them following me all over after all!

This zoo is a 4 hour ride for us, but it is soooo worth the trip! If you ever get the chance to visit, you should, you won't be sorry!

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