Monday, June 8, 2009

5 Stages of Summer Vacation

1. Denial

This is the stage where you deny that the year is half over. Christmas is a short 6 months away. You get grand delusions of starting Christmas shopping now. Well... I do and I usually do start it now. Don't get jealous though. I do start it now only to put it away so no one (not even me) can find it, forget what I got for who. This is added to the fact that I can't find it so I buy more only to find it and realize that I have bought waaay too much.

2. Elation

This is a very very very brief period where the visions of grandeur set in. Remember it is very short. You think and plan for all the things you can get done cause the kids can help out. You imagine being able to sleep in.

3. Depression

The kids are going to be home and whining there is nothing to do, it's hot, i'm bored, HE'S LOOKING AT ME! No, wait, the last one is me. You also realize that even though you CAN sleep in you can't. It usually takes all summer to get the programming out that there is no reason to be up at 5 am. Usually about the time, maybe a week before, that you start to get ready for the kids returning to school.

4. Reality

This one hits hard. The reality is that you will get NOTHING done, the kids will drive you crazy, it will be hot and muggy and the kids will drive you crazy.

5. Roll over and die

This is where you give up, let the kids trash the house, try to plan enough activities away from the filthy house, piles of laundry and stacks of dirty dishes to avoid them and just throw your hands up in the air and give in.

Yippee! Only 2 -1/2 days til summer vacation!

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Anonymous said...

Hillarious!! you and a few others seem to feel the same way! HA!