Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Perfect Night

The kids and hubby are down the street at Grandma's.

The Blood Orange Italian Soda is chilled.

There is a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia in the freezer.

The bubble bath is running.

Mmmmm.... the perfect night.

Slip into the tub, pour a glass of soda and pop the top on that ice cream.



Who said they could change the Cherry Garcia?

The ice cream is supposed to be pink! Not white! How can it be CHERRY Garcia in white ice cream? Who did this and where do they live?

Empty the tub, chuck the ice cream in the garbage, dump the soda in the toilet.



Lori said...

You made me smile again today! This is too cute but I am thinking that I would have eaten the ice cream anyway...

The White Farmhouse said...

oh, trust me I did. The "chuck in the garbage" was only for dramatic effect.

carole said...

You tilt my world. If you were my neighbor (or I yours) I would carry a tape recorder so I would not miss a single word. You crack my face. I have to be careful not to wear make up when I read your posts. I would look like Keith Ledger as the Joker : )
You are a keeper : )