Monday, March 9, 2009

Window shopping and laundry

Well, it's Monday. Laundry day. The only thing that makes laundry day bearable is that I can sit and window shop! Woo-hoo! I do have a question though. Why can't boys take their clothes off one layer at a time like a human being? I constantly find my son's pants turned inside out with the underwear still on them. Sometimes the socks are stuck at the bottom of the pant legs too. Drives me nuts and that is not even starting up the car.

Anyways....back to window shopping.

Would love to get this bed. This is exactly what I want. We went to Boyne a couple of years ago with the kids. I loved the bed. It was so comfy and luxurious. My husband bought me one of the down comforters that they use on the beds. New of course. They sell them in the gift shop. I was so excited to bring it home and lay in bed all day. That turned into 20 minutes before I was called back to work. Our bed has never felt like that one though. I finally figured out that it is not just the comforter but the elements that made up that wonderful bed.
I found this duvet cover. It's ivory velvet. I'm not to sure of it though. I just took off the velvet duvet cover since it was so warm. It's beautiful though. I do have a white (well it used to be white the well water oranged it) duvet cover. That one never got too warm. So as beautiful as this one is, I think I will have to pass.

I really like this bed skirt. Nice and simple with covered button detail. I think I will make mine though since this one is 100.00! Ouch!
Love this pillow! I'ts so pretty! 50.00 for a pillow that is just going to get tossed off the bed at night seems a little much though. I might have to come up with a thrifty fake.

I still have to come up with some kind of bed covering since I am thinking that I will fold up the comforter at the end of the bed. I was at Target a few weeks ago when I knew I was going to redo the room. I found a beautiful dark taupe silk matelasse coverlet. I carried it around for awhile. Then I put it back when I realized that I just needed a new duvet for the bed. Now I could kick myself! It is exactly what I am looking for now. I have resisted the urge to visit every Target in Michigan to find another one though. Besides it is back to being butt-a** cold here. I thought spring was just around the corner...

I found this article which is very helpful. Some good tips also.

Start with your mattress. Do you need a new mattress? Do you need a new mattress pad? Or maybe just a little extra comfort is in order. If that's the case, try one of those inexpensive egg crates under your mattress pad. It really makes a difference.

On our beds, we usually use a light, quilted coverlet and matching shams - most often european size. Then, add a duvet with cover, folded at the end of the bed. We match the duvet cover to the sheeting.

For the sheets, always make sure there is a nice, deep fold back on the top sheet - Phoebe prefers at least 14 inches.

Now for pillows. This is the order Phoebe likes: Sleeping pillows in the back, shams that match the coverlet in front of that (we usually use euro), then decorative pillows in front of that. Phoebe likes the decorative pillows to be in another fabric or texture different from the duvet and coverlet. Our favorite size for the decorative pillows is 22" squares. And then perhaps a small rectangle pillow in the very front.

Also, for kings we use three euro pillows across, for queens we use two across. However, don't go overboard with the pillows. Do what is comfortable for you, as too many pillows can just be a hassle. There should definitely be some space between the folded duvet cover and the pillows.

Finally, make your bed every morning. Our mothers were right - it really does make a difference in how the room appears and how the sheets feel to get back in at night!

Now if reading about that on a Friday afternoon doesn't make you sleepy, I don't know what will. Happy weekend everyone! Thanks for such a great first week for our blog!!

It came from Mrs Howard personal shopper.

Think I need a nap now....

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