Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Makeover

I found this kitchen when I was starting to redo the girls room. I know it is a kitchen but I just thought it was so pretty. And I loved the name of it "Chocolate and Bubblegum"! Does that have kid all over it or what? I did tone down the "chocolate" to "carmel" in their space. I loved these boxes for storage. So I gave some of my own a makeover to go in their room.

I bought these boxes awhile ago from Target. They were perfect in their room. I got 2 small and 2 large rolly ones. Since their room was pink and purple, I got a set in each color. So using that pic as an inspiration, I painted the pink ones to match. Sounds easy right? Well it probably would have been. It took me 2 hours to tape off all the stripes. I thought I deserved a potty break and when I was done I found my assistant helping by undoing all my hard work! Grrrrr! So back to another 2 hours to retape. Of course, 2 stripes left and I ran out of tape. Who has EVER used a whole roll of tape? I know I never have. Usually I lose it or someone takes it before that happens. So an hour to hunt for one of those lost rolls. Found one in Caveboy's room. Then I painted 3 thin coats to cover the pink. I really like the finished product! They look cute on the bookcase and hide all the treasures the kids won't part with.


Anonymous said...

Adorable..I wish I had a little girls room to doll up in Chocolate and bubble gum!

The White Farmhouse said...

you can live vicariously through me and make suggestions. just got through looking at pics of your house and i just LOVE them! You inspired me to do a little somethingsomething with burlap in this room. Gotta wait to see though!

Honey Bend Vintage said...

I enjoyed your blog, cute room