Saturday, March 21, 2009

More for my Ta Da List!

It doesn't seem like I got too much accomplished this week. The Man of the House has been working in Ohio. So, I've been put in charge as the adult supervisor of the circus. It's been very tiring!

Anyways..... I did manage to get a few things accomplished. Me and my sewing machine became best friends this week. As long as I could keep my youngest from unthreading it when I wasn't looking!

These are the cushions I made for their toy boxes and vanity. One of the toy boxes and the stool had cushions that were pink. These were pretty easy to make. I also made the brown stripe bolsters for the two toy boxes. My oldest wanted something soft to lean against so she can curl up and read under the window. Think she is reading too many romance novels!
The best thing about this project is that they didn't cost a penny! The velvet I used for the cushions I had left over from recovering a sofa a few years ago. The batting is left over bits from making some quilts. Who knows what I was going to do with the stripe material! Too late now! LOL!

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