Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Bee

I got so much accomplished yesterday! Since I am done with the big projects in the girls room, I painted our bedroom. When I first redid our bedroom, I loved it. The love affair quickly ended and I saw it for what it really was, a mess! What I had in my head and the actual result were 2 different things. I loved the suede paint, just not in that room. Way too dark.

My bench though I adore and will not give that up. My MIL has already tried but to no avail. I know this pic is dark, but the color is the same as the color in the girls room. The room looks so much larger now though! I know that darker colors make rooms look smaller, but now I feel like I have lots of space in the room. Also, the furniture looks great next to the lighter color, just what I wanted. I did get a chance to paint the girls door black. Brianna really likes it. I am starting to lose the neutrals in the room though. The pink and black is becoming very dominant. So, I have to do something about that.

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