Monday, March 9, 2009


Here is the mirror I got this weekend at the antique mall. Right now it is just set on top of Syrina's dresser, but I like the way it looks. I might just stick a nail in the wall to catch it if it falls and leave it like this. Just noticed that I really have to clean it though. Dang it!

Here is a kinda better pic of the new wall color. It really is the same color as the girls room. Sherwin Williams Familiar Beige in Eggshell. It really is a pretty color. My pics just don't do it justice. I am just glad that the room is finally painted. The furniture was moved to the center of the room and the stained shoe molding taped off for only 2 weeks. I really can't see why my husband rolls his eyes when I break out a paint brush! The first color I tried was a color that he picked out for his offices. There it looks like a medium brown. In here, it looked like a sagey green. I am not fond of green. Growing up, everything was GREEN! My mom's favorite color. So it took awhile for me to ponder it over and decide to paint the bathroom that color and choose another for our bedroom. I know I should of painted it first, but now I have to do the ceiling. Hopefully I won't make too big of a mess on the walls that I will have to repaint. Doubt it though!

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