Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oi Vey!


Finally! What started as a simple project is finally done! I got the idea that since the girls furniture was all different pieces I would paint them so they would appear to all match. Then, it started to snowball. I could distress all 7 pieces since I am trying to do the shabby chic look in their room. After reading on the best ways to distress furniture, I decided that was too much work for furniture that I do want to replace. Next I thought that I would put a crackle finish on all the pieces. So last Thursday I started to prime the furniture. I got one piece done. We were off like a herd of turtles! I figured that I would buckle down and get it done on the weekend. 2 Girl Scout cookie booths and Brianna's horsebackriding lesson proved me wrong though. Sunday I spent with my sister at the antique mall. I saw quite a few pieces that I would like for the girls room. So now I am tired of this project. Hmmm... I thought that since I am going to replace the furniture I would just paint the pieces in a cream color.


So here is one of the finished pieces. This weekend I am going to look for some dresser scarves to cover the surfaces. It only took me a week to finish. I did have to contend with my "assistant" though. Especially when she wanted to paint with the whisk broom. She's so cute!

I did get another "surprise" project done. Brianna just loves it! That is another post though. Waiting for it to dry so I can get it set up to take pics of it.

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