Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hunting Season Opens Soon!

I can feel it in the air! Hunting season is almost starting! This weekend I got the bug to go flea marketing. I can tell that the garage sales will be starting soon too. This weekend coming up there is an antique sale right down the street from me. I already informed the husband that he is in charge of the circus. I even have started to pack my essential bag. This is a list of what I keep in it to go.

1. Pen and paper This is for writing down names and phone numbers of dealers if they have a peice that later i think "should of got that" I also write down information about what I might be interested in finding. Floor space where a peice might be needed.

2. Tape measure This is to measure peices that I might not be able to live without right then.

3. Water bottle and snacks Some flea markets do have refreshments available. Garage sales usually don't. This way once I am in the mode, I don't have to stop. Now if only I could find a solution to the potty situation.....

4. Color swatches I keep a small plastic bag with paint chips and fabric peices that I have used in the room. Nothing like finding something, buying it and bringing it home to only find out the colors are waaay off.

5. Umbrella or rain poncho I always keep either an umbrella or a cheap rain poncho for inclement weather. Guess that is the girl scout in me.

Now that I am ready, let hunting season begin!

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