Friday, March 6, 2009

It's getting there!

I am getting closer to getting this room close to being done. I still have to make new cusions for the window seat toybox and the other toybox at the end of Syrina's bed. Also the stool for the vanity. The purple comforter on the bed is also going to be covered with a white duvet and a white pillow sham for the purple pillow. I also need to get a rug for the room. Brianna says the floor is cold in the morning. I did get 600 count Egyptian cotton sheets for the bed. Really soft but they have that crisp sound to them. Once I get that done there are a few little things that still are needed. Got some items on my shopping list for tommorrow!

Brianna has had these posters for the longest time! I finally framed them and hung them on her wall. The pink lillies are from Target. I like the pop of pink!

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