Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My To Do List

Get curtains for the girls room, shorten and hang.


Paint closet and entry doors in Master Bedroom. Of course with this one, in true Connell fashion, I did break something that I had to stop and fix. I just had one of the closet doors painted and it fell off the track! Luckily (?!) it fell on me instead of on something else.

I also painted the inside of this closet and hung a light. Somehow the pic got deleted though. That's what I get for using my daughter's camera!
Didn't get everything on the list done but I guess that is what the rest of the week is for. I also have to add touching up the white on the trim where I got some black. Yes, the doors are black. Actually they are Caviar in semigloss from Sherwin Williams.
Now I think it is time for a fun project!


Anonymous said...

girl, you are on a roll..keep it going! Wouldn't it be fun to be the person who gets to name the paint...caviar...to cute!

The White Farmhouse said...

That would be fun! I tried with crayola but they didn't like my ideas. Caviar does go with my oldest's tastes. Lobster is her favorite thing in the world!