Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adding Up!

So, before I started this project I set a budget of 1000.00 per room. There are 10 rooms that I am doing. I know this seems like alot for some rooms. I counted the stairs and my small back foyer as a room each. I don't think I could even imagine spending that much on either of those spaces! What is left over from each room will be carried on to the next since I know the kitchen and bath will take quite a bit to make even look decent! So from now on I am going to try to keep a running total of each room.

Girls room - 58.00 for one gallon of paint for the walls, 1 qt for the furniture, and 1 qt for the doors. 40.00 for the curtains. 20.00 for new sheets. 31.00 for the mirror, CD stand and doily. 21.00 for 3 frames for the posters.

Total so far $170.00

Master Bedroom - 28.00 for 1 gallon of paint for the walls.

Total so far $28.00

I don't think that is so bad!

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