Sunday, March 22, 2009

All Done!

Be careful and don't trip on the touch of whimsy on the stairs! I just LOVE this. I keep going and looking at it cause it looks soooo cute. Really makes you notice the stairs now too.

It was pretty easy to do also. I found the numbers on a word document and printed them as big as they would go. Then I went to my handy dandy copier and enlarged them to the size I wanted. Cut out the numbers, scribbled on the back with pencil and transfered them to the stairs. With a really small paint brush I painted them with black acrylic paint. It was also another no cost idea! Bonus!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!! i did something similar in my son's room, I will show you tomorrow!

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh cool! I can't wait to see! I need to get some ideas for a 10 year old boy who loves loves loves WWE and video games!

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Cute idea~ I so want to take the carpet off my steps and do this. My husband keeps stopping me in my tracks~

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh Bristol you should so do this. Just be ready for what is under the carpet. We bought new oak treads that my husband had to cut to fit and stain. The stairs were just a builder pine cheap stuff.