Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Passing of the Husky Vera!

This year a sacred ritualistic passing is being bestowed on the boy child. He is now "man" enough according to Dad.


I can't believe my boy is old enough for this. I knew the day was coming though.

At our old house, our yard was small enough to do with a push mower. The neighbors used to laugh at me mowing the grass followed by a little guy pushing a bubble mower. I don't know how many gallons of bubbles I went through those years! It really did make mowing the grass fun being surrounded by bubbles though.

My little bubble mower has graduated to bigger and better things though!

Namely, my Husky Vera!

My girl is now another one's love! Will I ever win her back?

Will she forsake me for another the whole summer?

Doesn't she remember all the good times and cool things we have run over together?

Is this just a passing fling with a new love?

He has left me all to Homey. I hate Homey!

I give it two weeks though and she will be all mine again!

BTW-He did stop long enough to ask if I was going to take pics of him mowing the grass all day.


maybe not....


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I think you should make it a package deal! I hate my Homey too, it's the worst part of mowing the lawn. Tell you what though, enjoy the help out there while you have it:@)

Southern Lady said...

Enjoy all of the help that you have now that he is old enough to mow! He looks very comfortable on the mower! Carla

Lori said...

Maybe he will run over something and bend the blade like Trev did on Friday!! I am sure the novelty will wear off and she will be yours once again. Happy week-end Maggie. xo

Dragonfly Treasure said...

He sure learned fast! LOL Next it will be the car *sniff sniff* that's when you'll get her back ;)

Jacqueline said...

Hi Maggie,
I'm afraid it comes to us all.....they have to start leaving the nest sometime Maggie. It's not so bad though......they never leave completely even when they are married. They will always be popping in to see you. You just have to embrace them growing up..... and, remember, you still have the bitty one, who is a long way away from boys and mowers !! We have just had a grandson and it starts all over again. XXXX

Theresa said...

Oh, Mags...let the boy be the man. It's all part of the plan. He will grow strong, intelligent, make you oodles of proud! It won't be long before the little man goes off to college, gets the dream job, buys momma her Bugatti...stick to the plan, Mags, stick to the plan. And make sure Homey gets a new partner. You're much too pretty to be hanging out with the likes of ... Homey. Really, he's not part of the plan.

Proper Prim said...

Hahahahaha... great post. Don't be too sad she will be back when the novelty wears off. You may have to up the horsepower a little to keep his interest in a few

Hugs, Deb

Jacqueline said...

My parents had an acre, half of it in lawn and we girls were good enough to mow when we had to push, but once my dad got a riding lawnmower we were never "capable" enough after that. I had to laugh when I saw this, it reminded me of that funny story. A man loves tools, no matter what his age!