Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Projects And A Guessing Game!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! This year, I am being "normal" and doing work around the house. I hope to get some stuff that has been sitting on the to do list done!

Mostly, I will be spending some quality time with this!

I did manage to get the 587 holes in the wall patched. I thought that I would have to touch up the paint where I patched. However, when I got up there I found that the living room really needed a second coat of paint! Oi vey!

These corner moldings needed to be installed too. It seems that my tribe cannot go by a corner without whacking the crap out of it. Ok, so I know these will get knocked up too, but atleast there won't be chunks of plaster gone! If they get too bad, they can be replaced in about 5 minutes too.

So out came these bad boys! Oh, btw, SW has paint on sale this weekend! 30% off! Woo hoo!

While I was at it, I painted the stairs too. I have to say, the stairs are still my favorite part of t he house! I'll get a better pic of them when the stairs are all done. I need suggestions for the wall going up the stairs too! Come on peeps! Give me your best ideas!

Here you can see the new color on the right and the old color. I am really liking the new color. It's Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams.

Bitty one just finds the whole thing boring and tiring!

Now, for the guessing game! I thought we might have some fun while I am getting ready to reveal my next project! *squeal!* I hope you love it as much as I do! What the heck has it got to do with the pic above? Well, there is something in that pic that I am using in this project! Get your thinking caps on peeps!

If you need an idea for a new something to do this weekend, go see what my sister did! She tells you how to do some for yourself here. The jars are so cute! How could you hide them away in a cupboard now?! Check out that backsplash she did too! It's nice to see I wasn't the only one who got the creative genes! LOL!

I do hope that this will dry up for the BBQ on Monday. If not, I got lots to keep me busy!

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Best of luck with your projects Maggie! When it comes to painting, I'm with the Bitty One. Can't guess what your next project is but I love your chef pig/menu board-too cute! Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend:@)

Lori said...

Last time you had a guessing game I won ~ so not sure if you want me to be my intelligent self again ~ hmmmm.... I think you will do something with the platter ~ just sayin. It cooled off here last night and has been raining off and on all day ~ tomorrow they are calling for sunshine ~ yeehaw. Enjoy your week-end sweet lady.

Jacqueline said...

Hi Maggie,
Well, it's a holiday weekend here too and, today it's gardening and tomorrow it's off to celebrate our son's birthday.
Thanks so much for your lovely comment today.....I fear that I am going to start being a bore about my grandson !!
....and, my guess is that you will be using the pig with the blackboard but, Lori is probably right. I was never really much good at guessing games !!!! XXXX

thepurplerose said...

I have been trying to post a comment for some time now. I even updated to google chrome!!!

thepurplerose said...

Finally!!! Safari let me post this comment. This has taken about an hour to figure this one out!!!

Anonymous said...

i cant keep my eyes of your page mmm

Anonymous said...


We spent today outdoors in the heat (it's 95 in NJ). I was tending to all the garden beds and Thomas was painting the garden fence and gates. The fun never stops at the Fairfield House! :/
Your walls are looking good! You could make your stairway wall a gallery of either mixed favorites and portraits or mirrors or another collection.

Thanks for asking about the exterior color of our home. I will search for it and get back to you. (Just didn't want you to think I was ignoring your request.) Also, thanks for asking about the gingerbread trim and corbels. I will be taking those pictures and posting about it within the next two weeks.

Your Friend,