Thursday, November 5, 2009

My To Do List Completions!

Fix lamp! Even though it is ugly it serves a purpose!

Make new pillows for foyer bench! It just looked so weird having "EAT" in the foyer. I do have an idea to dress them up a bit. Haven't gotten to it yet so maybe that should be on my to do list!

Set up girls desk and pick up chair. I haven't decided if I want to repaint this chair or not. I think it needs some Ballerina Slipper love though. Right now it is a mauvey color. Not bad for a 12.00 find though right?

Buy corner molding. I got a few up so far. It seems that my tribe hails from the "I can't walk into a room without whacking a corner" tribe. I plan on doing this on all the corners to hide the blemishes.

Now for the biggie!
Touch up bathroom paint
Patch wall
Buy tile
Install tile
Paint shelf area
Redo molding
Paint wallpaper

I love this room! Sometimes I just go in here cause it makes me feel so happy. Or maybe it is to hide from kids.

This list is really helping though! I am getting sooo much done! Now to remove things and add some things....


Cindy said...

Geez girl! You been a busy bee...making up for lost sick time, eh? And my tribe not only belongs to the whack the corner group, but the 'leave greasy fingerprints along the wall' tribe as well. Thank goodness for magic erasers!

Cindy said...

Oh and forgot to mention that I think the REAL reason you go in your bathroom is to smell my fabulous soap, right?

The White Farmhouse said...

Okay you got me! That is exactly why!

My tribe is much more sophisticated to use the walls to wipe greasy fingers on. That is what curtains and pillows are for! Walls are for art and they loooove to draw on mine! Especially if they are freshly painted!

Tracey said...

Lookin good!!! It always feels so good to start getting things on the ole list done! You're ahead of me...

:) T

Kim said...

Wow! I bet it feels so good to get those "little" projects off your plate. Nice job.

deborah said...

We made a similar list and love it when it all comes together! Seems we all belong to the same tribe~ lol. Thanks for a great post~ Deborah

hungeryjack said...

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