Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I can't keep a secret!

I just have to show you!

I can't keep a secret for the life of me!

See... I had this still. Someone was very lazy in putting up a medicine cabinet. It's not inset into the wall. It drove me nuts! I so wanted to take it down. I was afraid though that if I did I would have a huge mess to fix.

I finally got up the guts and it turned out to be not so bad!

I still have some paint to put on the new trim. I also have a little something up my sleeve too. Just got some thinking to do about it.

The hubby saw it and said "You finally did the one thing I have been wanting you to do and was afraid you wouldn't!"



Nancy said...

Looks so much better...good for you!!


Proper Prim said...

Looks SO much better... great job... I love hubby's comment... just like a man... I have a BF just like him...LOL.
Hugs Deb

Cindy said...

Oh yeah....that looks soooo much better. Now what are you planning, hmmmm????

Janean said...

you probably feel like you have lots more space too! good job.

Jacqueline said...

You never cease to amaze me, seem to be able to turn your hand to anything....and do it so well.....tell your husband from me that he is a very lucky man.
If I dont comment sometimes, Maggie, it's because I can't get into your blog. I'm having a terrible time at the moment. XXXX

Lori said...

How funny is that ~ if he wanted to do it...why didn't he do it!! It turned our great Maggie!